Top 5 Long Island Skate Parks (New York)

5: Bethpage Skate Park

Address: Bethpage Community Park, 1001 Stewart Ave Bethpage, NY 11714

Park Type: Concrete, banks, rails, boxes, pool coping bowl

Difficulty: Beginner – Advanced

 Bethpage Skate Park

Making our list at number 5 is Bethpage Skate Park. Bethpage Skate Park is a concrete park opened in 2012. With a high population of skateboarders and scooters alike, you can always count on somebody being there at any time of the day! Bethpage has plenty of smooth flat ground followed by a highly popular grind box. The many steep banks are enjoyed mostly by BMX and Scooter riders. There are 2 down hubbas, 2 rails and a bowl... A big bowl. The bowl at Bethpage is lined with real pool coping. There is a spine in the middle with an adjacent vert wall.



4: Hempstead Skate Park

Address: Kennedy Memorial Park, 335 Greenwich St, Hempstead, NY 11550

Park Type: Concrete, mini ramp, stairs, rails, box plaza

Difficulty: Beginner – Intermediate

 Hempstead Skate Park

Our 4th spot on the list is Hempstead Skate Park. Hempstead is the newest skate park on our list being built in 2018.  Offering a lot of variety for its size, Hempstead is popular among the skateboard community. Offering 2 big quarter pipes, a box plaza section, wall ride, mini ramp and a stair set. This stair set has a mellow down rail, perfect to learn on!


3: Long Beach Skate Park

Address: 98 W Pine St, Long Beach, NY 11561

Park Type: Concrete, mini ramp, mini bowl, stairs, rails

Difficulty: Beginner

 Long Beach Skate Park

Our 3rd place winner is Long Beach Skate Park. Long Beach Skate Park was first opened up in 2015. This small, concrete park sits right on the board walk. With an amazing view, Long Beach is the perfect park to bring the family and kids! Long Beach Skate Park has extremely smooth ground with a “flowy” feel to it when riding. This park has one of the most fun bowls on Long Island; Super small, but super fun!


2: Mastic Skate Park

Address: 34 Meadowmere Ave, Mastic, NY 11950

Park Type: Concrete, boxes, stairs, rails, bank

Difficulty: Intermediate – Advanced

 Mastic Skate Park

The Skate Park taking our 2nd place spot is Mastic Skate Park. Mastic is a very “street” style skate park, consisting of lots of rails, boxes and banks. This park is primarily populated with skateboarders and scooter riders. Mastic is a great park to work on your grinds and combo tricks. If you are looking for a transition park, this park IS NOT FOR YOU!


1: Northport Skate Park

Address: Veterans Park at Bellerose Ave. Northport, NY 11786

Park Type: Concrete, bowls, boxes, rails, transition

Difficulty: Advanced

 Northport Skate Park

Our number one spot is Northport Skate Park. Northport Skate Park’s main attraction has to be the 2 massive bowls. One bowl has pool coping and the other bowl is HUGE with a 12 foot section. This park has multiple types of transitions and has high potential to get creative. This park is only open to skateboarders and roller bladders and has set hours (